Tänk er Tulsi Gabbard i en debatt med dagens amerikanska presidentkandidater.

Malcolm X. Great Again.


#‎StopHillaryClinton‬. Before its too late. Tulsi Gabbard for President (2016).

Here, indeed, is the ”Female Obama”. A woman who has all of the virtues of being a Democrat – with none of the vices. She served in combat in Iraq (something not even Obama could claim). Two tours of frontline duty for which she volunteered. None of the GOP’s 2016 candidates have a comparable record. And she is a total hawk on Iran and ISIS. This renders her invulnerable to GOP attacks on the question of ”national security”. But she’s a true Democrat on social issues and the economy. And she’s young – and very beautiful. She is the political equivalent of Wonder Woman. And if Hillary Clinton is ultimately derailed by ”EmailServerGate”, the Dems could draft Tulsi. And she would make mincemeat of Donald Trump in any debate. Mincemeat. Tulsi has the potential to…

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